And the Hate Keeps on Coming : Hate Crime Against Latinos in Brooklyn

09assault.190.jpgIt becomes emotionally exhausting having to write about hate crimes against Latinos, having to read and rehash the disgusting details, and being reminded in very tangible ways of how far people will go to hurt someone who could easily be someone I care about. And here we go again.

On early Sunday morning Jose Sucuzhanay from Ecuador and his hermano Romel Sucuzhanay, were walking arm in arm in Bushwick, Brooklyn, just a block away from home, when a carload of men pulled up nearby. A man who got out of the car yelled anti-gay and anti-Latino epithets at the brothers, then broke a bottle over the 31-year-old man’s head.
His brother ran, and at least three other men who were in the car set upon the 31-year-old, beating him with a baseball bat and kicking him.
The beating stopped when the brother returned, holding his cellphone, and told the attackers he had just called the police, the official said.

Jose is now on life support at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens and it looks like the family has had to make the heartbreaking choice of not letting Jose suffer anymore.

The hermanos were attacked and it looks like one will die because of what they appeared to be, because of how they were perceived. It doesn’t matter what their immigration status was or where they were from or if they were gay or not. They were attacked because they were read as Latino and gay.

My question is and always has been, every time something this horrific has happened over the past 11 or so years that I have been actively following hate crimes against Latinos, is how long are we as a community going to allow these incidents to be labeled as isolated? How many of our brothers and sister are we going to allow to get hurt and die before we go beyond mourning and shaking our heads. As long as we are unwilling to move beyond that and show that we will not have anymore mothers burying their children?

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  1. Ignorance. And fear. Frustration, envy and childishness. But mainly ingorance. The ostracization of the Jews BEGAN like this in Germany. Also ignorance. And fear. Frustration, envy and childishness. But mainly ingorance.

  2. Are you out of your mind? Most crimes in New York City against Latinos are committed by other Latinos. Don’t get me started. I know. I was born in Brooklyn and I’m a Latino.
    Been there done that. It’s a shame what happened to the two brothers but I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that they where Latinos.

  3. Oh My GOD,

    This story made me cry!!! I cannot imagine the pain and the horror this family must feel. I am so sorry that someone would be so hateful and mean to any human being.

    My prayer is that this brother and family receives the peace that only GOD can give in their time of sorrow.

    P.S. I am an African American woman from Indiana who has seen her share of hate crimes.

    Loving submitted,

  4. I’m sorry for Jose Sucuzhanay, but the pain his poor mother must feel is beyond my imagination. I’m very sorry for this man’s mother.

    This attack would very likely never have taken place had one of the men been armed, and displayed that he was armed. The one, single thing the Nazis feared, that the KKK fears today are victims that can defend themselves. Arm yourself. Carry your pistol. Start protesting the draconian gun laws in the city that render law abiding people like this helpless. If you don’t do it for yourself, at least do it for your family.

  5. From Indians to Latinos. From Prickly Pears to Desert Fruits. Come caca! Tenemos sabor Latino pero no somos Latinos! Not Hispanic! Not Mestiza! Not Raza! These are Eurocentric labels of exclusion rather than inclusion. They reject Indigenous identity. Denying heritage in order to seem like one of the majority = silent genocide. The crime of labels. Sure you can trust the Government just ask an Indian! La Revolution no ha terminado!

    Un pueblo que no sabe leer y escribir, es un pueblo facil de enganar. – Che Guevara

    “Nonetheless, this otherwise natural process was dramatically altered by colonization. These colonizing efforts were accomplished by force and often with great speed, producing dramatic changes within Indigenous societies and interfering with the natural process of adaptation and change. This disruption has had a genocidal effect; groups of Indigenous peoples that existed 500 years ago no longer exist. There should be no doubt that their extinction was not an accident–it was the product of a concerted effort to subjugate and eliminate the native human population in order to allow for the pursuit of wealth and manifest destiny. As a result, extinction is the most dramatic effect of colonization. Allowed to run its full course, colonization will disrupt and destroy the natural evolutionary process of the people being colonized to the point of extinction.”SYMPOSIUM:RE-FRAMING INTERNATIONAL LAW FOR THE 21ST CENTURY 1999, JAYAN NAYAR.

    Not Latino! Not Hispanic! Not Mestizo! Not Raza! We are Red/Brown/Indigenous and not homogeneous! We have always been multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and mixed and continue to be.

    We are original inhabitants of this continent! We didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us! Native Americans, Mexis, Salvis, Chapines, Nicas, and other Indigenous populations are one people, from the northernmost tip of Alaska, to the southernmost tip of Tierra Del Fuego. It’s time that we begin thinking as one people because there will not be Black and Brown unity until there is Red and Brown unity.

    Latino is just another word for Latin. Latinos are the Southern Europeans (Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italians, Romanians) and their descendants who labeled Cemanahuac as if it were theirs. Indian is not what we call ourselves. Indians are from India!

    You cannot change the past but you can make the future, and anyone who tells you different is a Fucking lethargic devil…Porque sino entonces te mando por el carajo cabron gusano hijo de puta, seramos libre pronto, viva la revolucion, VIVA LA REVOLUCION! – Immortal Technique – Poverty Of Philosophy

  6. AMERICA,now is the “LAND of the FEAR”,is no more the land of the freedom, we the aliens work here like slaves, I hope God don’t punish this Nation which we love, for the injustice that prevail PLEASE DON’T MAKE AMERICA A NAZI NATION, We d on’t need more Hittlers, no more Caligulas, no more Nerons

  7. This is incredible ! … Two Latinos have been brutally killed in New York City in less than a month :

    Jose Sucuzhanay and Marcelo Lucero in Long Island, New York City.

    Add these to the brutal beating and kicking that took the life of Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah Pennsylvania last July.

    These Brutal Murders are repugnant. The special Cruelty, Sadism and Inhumanity. The victims were all hard working, peaceful, honest and nice people.

    I would consider all these attackers as perfect Terrorists and Cowards.

    I have a blog to denounce Racial Murders and Racial Hatred. And to profile the good things of the Victims and their Poor families :

    Vicente Duque

  8. You don’t have to worry about this happening to you, because you have the police to protect you.

    What, you say the protection provided by the police wasn’t enough? Then join the NRA and demand restoration of your right to protect yourself.

  9. Ok so apparently the NRA lobby thinks this is the space for them. I am not anti-gun or even anti-violence but let’s be real here. The NRA has aligned itself with anti-migrant and other hate group so I doubt that they would be down with POC arming themselves. That said, had the brothers been armed, they would have, I’m pretty sure been called scary Latinos with guns had they defended themselves.

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