Mexico and Latinidad : I Wanna Sex You Up

Mexico-Woman%20in%20Traditional%20dress.JPGCountries, especially third world Latin American countries and the people inside them have often been sold to tourists and colonizers as exotic. It’s what makes us and our people less human, othered. It’s what allows our men to be murdered and our women to be raped. Our nations are metaphors for our cuerpos and vice versa.

From a disgusting piece in the Times Online published yesterday:

Mexico is a great big beautiful country. But not near the border with California. Here, it’s a dirty, tawdry stinkpot, infested with partying Americans and unscrupulous Mexicans who will provide anything for them. It’s a place where morals don’t seem to count and anything goes. At least, that’s what I hoped as I headed across the border on a bus, in the first days of my long student holiday.

At dusk, I reached Ensenada, a town about 75 miles south of the border, threw my bags in a friendly hotel and walked across the dirt road to the nearest bar.

There was a woman standing just inside the door, so I said hello politely. She lifted her top, showed me her breasts and asked how much I was prepared to pay for a good time. This was a bit more than I had expected. I was only saying hello.

Oh pero there is more…

After about an hour, I knew I was drunk – I just didn’t know how much. So, when I saw a beautiful Mexican woman partying with her friends, I decided to go for it. She didn’t speak much English, I didn’t speak much Spanish.It didn’t seem to matter much.We danced, we kissed, we danced closer, mainly because, I think, she was supporting my weight. We went outside.

Up against a wall at the back of the bar, we started to make hot Mexican love. We started, but we never finished. Something I’d drunk (perhaps everything I’d drunk) disagreed with me, and what began as a rumble in my tummy turned into a violent, volcanic rush. I was sick all over myself, narrowly missing my Spanish lady. Even down Mexico way, some things are beyond acceptable – as I crouched in the alley, my last memory of my lady was her leaving in a hurry, pulling up her knickers as she went inside.

This piece of shit article published in the travel section of a mainstream media source may have been published as some sort of hipster style joke which is usually just racism with alleged “style” by a man who didn’t use his real name, but the message is clear, Mexico and it’s women are dirty, primitive and meant to be used by white tourists.

I know a little something about being exoticized and when Mexican women and Latin American women across the globe are bearing the brunt of colonialism and racism on their bodies and mind, it is not acceptable to brush this off, especially since Mexican women and Latin American women never are given that same privilege.

Via / The Unapologetic Mexican with props to Man Eegee for tweeting the article.

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  1. I commented on this article on its site. I was talking to my friend who is Brazilian, and I was saying how Brazil is the only Latin American country accepted by mainstream US, and she said, “Yeah, and they only think of us as pure sex.” True true.

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