Nancy Pelosi Proves that Dems Aren’t Immigrant Friendly Either

nancy-pelosi.jpgStill think that electoral politics is going to solve the immigration issue? Or that being a Democrat means a magic answer to save Latinos once we, as a sleeping giant that everyone keeps talking about, vote? Gracias to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is keeping it real by stepping away from offering a path to citizenship to immigrants.

…Pelosi also said Congress would have to tackle the politically sticky job of overhauling immigration laws in the new Congress, after a bipartisan measure collapsed last year.

The estimated 12 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally “are part of the U.S. economy. We cannot send them all home, and we cannot send them all to jail, so we have to address it,” Pelosi said.

Any solution would have to be bipartisan, she said, so it may require sacrificing some of Democrats’ past priorities, such as giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

“Maybe there never is a path to citizenship if you came here illegally,” Pelosi said. “I would hope that there could be, but maybe there isn’t.”

What’s with this maybe business all of a sudden? Maybe now the Dems are telling the truth, that they never intended for there to be a path to citizenship or any sort of recognized status? Maybe it’s easier to keep millions of people and their families struggling in underground economies, living in neighborhoods that that are third world nations within this first world nation until ICE catches and deports those that survive horrific prison conditions?

It’s so convenient for the politicos and their reps in the mainstream media to blow smoke up out collective Latino asses and make us feel important, when already they are planning on backing out of promises even before your vote is cast.

Remember that on November 4th.

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5 comments on “Nancy Pelosi Proves that Dems Aren’t Immigrant Friendly Either
  1. ……”until ICE catches and deports those that survive horrific prison conditions.”

    Isn’t this a little melodramatic?

    “Horrific prison conditions”?

  2. It just shows you that our country can’t afford to support ILLEGAL immigrants. Even Pelosi says it! Sorry criminal supporters, you are losing ground. FINALLY!!!

  3. The US can’t afford it, and the American people would go to war in the streets if anything even approaching amnesty, were to take place. The illegal alien lobby knows the US can’t afford it, they don’t care, not even about the illegals. They are making millions selling their own people out into slavery, just like they do back in “wonderful” Mexico.

    The only way those people can have better lives, is if they return to their home countries and work hard to bring about change. No one is going to hand them a better life. Those who turned a blind eye to their crimes, and handed them welfare in the past, did so because it served their purposes. They plan to use them, and then when they aren’t needed, through them in jail and deport them. Anyone who refuses to believe that is deluding themselves. Of course, Hispanics are so full of hatred and ego, they like to believe that they are better workers, and of course they love to hate Americans. It’s their culture, just as it was when their ancestors killed the native peoples and created the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    They could quite easily unite in their home countries and demand higher wages and better opportunities there. Together they could achieve that. Entering the US illegally only serves to help preserve the status quo in their home country, nothing more. If they were motivated by intelligence and were really “good hearted” they would have done so. They ought to wake up soon, because the free ride is over. Pelosi only wants their illegal votes, and will then put them in prison camps and deport them when it suits her.

  4. Woah, back to school time here Jenny. My first instinct was to delete your hateful comment pero I’m feeling generous this morning.

    First of all, all undocumented people aren’t Mexicans. This is how the mainstream media and the powers that be have racialized it so that they can invoke old stereotypes.

    Second, if you really think that U.S. policy has no impact in the how and why people come to the United States then you need to read some history and some economics. Or maybe just open the newspapers as the current economic crisis grows.

    Latinos culture/not Hispanic culture is a meztisaje of the indigenous/African/ and European.

    Oh and the undocumented can’t vote.

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