Make No Mistake : ICE Raid of Citizen Latina Wasn’t a Mistake

OlgaSavage1.jpgICE and the media can try and sell the story that the raid on the home of a 68 year old Latina woman was a mistake. Pero there are no mistakes in this age of war and terror. Perhaps its the cynic in me or the history I carry inside me that thinks this was more than a a mere clerical error.

Olga Savage said she went through a harrowing life-changing experience that might have been a total mistake. The 68-year-old woman told Action 4 News that she heard a knock at her door Tuesday morning. But before she had a chance to get up she said U.S. Immigration & Customers Enforcement (ICE) agents were inside her home. “They came in with guns, grenades and holding their pistols,” Savage recalled. When she asked them why they came into her home they allegedly responded, “Show us your papers.” Savage complied by showing them documentation proving that she’s been a United States citizen for 40 years. She said they were shocked to see the paperwork. “They looked confused and said, ‘They told us you didn’t have your papers’,” she recalled. After verifying her documentation, they made copies and left. Olga said they didn’t offer an apology or help. But the experience left her in bad shape. Savage told Action 4 News that she had to drive herself to the local clinic since her blood pressure rose to 280. “I told the doctor don’t let me die because I had a really bad pain,” she said. Savage said she wants to know why federal agents kicked in her door like she was a criminal, if she’s been a citizen for so many years. “Why, why did they have to come like they were going to war, if I’m a women living on my own,” Savage asked. Action 4 News spoke with ICE spokeswoman Nina Pruneda about the incident. Pruneda said ICE agents would never raid someone’s home and adds that the whole confusion started because Olga savage has two alien registration numbers. One number states that she is a U.S. Citizen and the other states that she is a fugitive. Pruneda said ICE will continue looking into this issue.

I’ve written about how years ago, my grandparents’ apartment was raided by la migra. My maternal abuelos, who were made U.S. citizens with the signing of the Jones-Shafroth Act in 1917. My mother remembers the agents running into their apartment and pressing my grandfather against the table demanding his papers.

People can say this is not about race, skin color, class and nationality,that the citizenship that has been given to some latinos via force or choice, is a privilege that erases all those nasty isms.

Where was the investigation prior to terrorizing this woman? Why are we expected to give the benefit of the doubt to a system that has proven it’s intentions of disrespect and outright hate. Pues claro, they may not get you because you can pass but they will get you for how you speak and what language you speak it in or maybe you can’t pass and you expect to be shielded by your U.S. passport. Pero, they go after you, they go after us. The message and intention are clear.

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  1. The “make a chilling example” tactic here is appalling…..and very effective in promoting its goal, fear and suppression. I don’t think it was an “accident” either—maybe the ICE agents weren’t informed, but someone else was. And using tactics better saved for drug-den arrests is more than casual “too much force”.

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