Hurricane Season : Porque no Se Van?

hurricane%20gustav.jpgAs Hurricanes move from their devastation in the Caribbean and into the United States, images of people boarding up homes, gathering personal belongings and evacuating, but what of those not evacuating, out of fear, out of having to place to evacuate to? Porque no se van?

It is clearly about more than just getting people out, as la Macha wrote, it is also about how people are taken care of. This includes the messages being sent out, like ICE saying that they were not going to be checking evacuees legal status while ICE raids occur in other parts of the country. So is it any wonder that immigrants are not evacuating?

XP, our once guest editor here, is in the hurricane’s path as I write this. He has some good insight and stats as to the evacuation situation as it pertains to immigrants so read it and keep him and all awaiting the storm in your thoughts.

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