Mississippi ICE Raid Connected to Union Organizing

Remember the ICE raids that happened recently in Mississippi? I just read a really important analysis about those raids and why they happened. Among the article’s assertions (for those of you who hate unions, socialism, etc, be prepared to get angry):

* Many of the undocumented workers were demanding and agreeing to join the local union.

* There was a historical legacy of tension between workers provoked by politicians and lawmakers.

* There is a historical legacy of the company in question being sued by the union and workers for working conditions and infringement on workers rights.

* Although its been reported that the ICE investigation began because of a phone call tip by a union member, ICE refuses to substantiate or otherwise give evidence of the truth of this assertion.

It’s interesting exactly how many of the ICE raids conducted in just this summer alone have been connected to unionization of workers. It seems to me that workers that have citizen papers are cutting off their noses to spite their faces when they rally against undocumented workers. As long as there is an underclass of worker, there will always be a reason to export jobs, no?

via/Political Affairs Magazine

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