The Macarena is 15

“Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena…” Remember those profound lyrics? I hate to make you feel old, but that little ditty just turned 15 and the middle aged Spaniards behind it are trying to relaunch their career…in the United States. Apparently they think that they can capitalize off the popularity of quinceañera parties stateside.

The remix of the song is titled “Fiesta Quinceañera Macarena”, alluding to its 15th birthday and a party that is celebrated each year by thousands of Latino teens in the United States.

The return of the Macarena was recorded entirely in the U.S., between New York, Miami and Los Angeles, and will be presented there through two events in Disney theme parks on both coasts.

I was never a fan of the Macarena and even less now, so I can’t understand why this might have a shot at a comeback. But then again, there are people who still dance the Achy Breaky Heart.

Via / 20 Minutos

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