The Narco Submarine

drug_submarine.jpgSubmarines carry spies, military personnel, weapons…but drugs? A “very special” submarine has been seized by Mexican officials and found to be carry a boatload of coke. And get this — the sub itself was homemade:

The 30-foot (10-meter) makeshift submarine was detected heading north about 200 miles (322 kilometers) off the southern state of Oaxaca, Mar said.

The green-topped, arrowhead-shaped vessel was intercepted when it surfaced hours later, and the crew was taken into custody without resistance.

CNN reports that the crew claims they didn’t know what the sub was carrying and had boarded the vessel because narcos were threatening their families.

This was a first for Mexico (incidentally plagued by problems with drug traffickers on land) but apparently this type of narcosub is well known in Colombia.

Via / CNN

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