People Need to Calm Down About Hillary Clinton’s Rican Win

01hillary.xlarge1.jpgHillary Clinton won the Puerto Rican primary yesterday and the reaction is exactly as I expected. Everyone is using the nearly 2-1 Clinton victory in Puerto Rico as proof that her candidacy still has viability. Even though, as Liza over at Culture Kitchen points out:

Some poll workers in small towns started abandoning the polling stations because turnout was so low, he said.
Part of the reason for the lack of interest, he said, is because voters feel the primary isn’t meaningful since Puerto Ricans cannot vote in the general election.
The Democratic and Republican parties run the primaries and caucuses, and they allow U.S. territories, such as the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, to take part in the process.
But only the 50 states and the District of Columbia vote in the general election.
El Nuevo Día reports the Board of Elections expected to have 600.000 voters. The Clinton campaign bargained on a million and more. Less than 400.000 people woke up this morning with the primaries in their minds.

What’s worse, is that the Clinton camp and pundits buying into her rhetoric are parading the Rican vote yesterday as a reflection of that oh so coveted Latino vote, using it to prove that Latinos won’t vote for a black man and favor Hillary.

“It was a 100 percent Hispanic primary and it shows that he has a problem with the Latino community,” Terry McAuliffe, campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton, told a handful of reporters after polls closed Sunday. “He cannot close in this key core constituency,” McAuliffe added.

This black/brown divide and conquer political analysis is racist at it’s core and very few, if anyone, will actually say so. It continues to deny Afro-Latinos agency, as if such a thing doesn’t exist.

Additionally disgusting, is Clinton’s use of the status issue after her win. Included in HRC’s victory speech in Puerto Rico was a promise to, regardless of the statehood vote, let Puerto Rico to vote for President in the general election.

Let’s see when she repeats that promise. With Puerto Rico won and it being used as a reflection of wider Latino sentiment, Clinton, and the election process itself have already packed their bags and left Puerto Rico behind, until it’s convenient to remember that island of second class citizens.

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3 comments on “People Need to Calm Down About Hillary Clinton’s Rican Win
  1. The DNC is doing it best,, that is a load of crap, its doing it best for barack obama and for Hilary she should do what she has to during this election,, I Hope she goes independent, so much talk is she does anything she will hurt her self for any office later,, that is crap what is true,, the DNC and corporate media already did that by the way they treated her,, there are so many Hilary voter are not going to vote,, but I want my vote to count, So like so many Barack Obama supporter claim they do ,, If obama does not win the primary obama supporter will vote for McCain, well what goes around comes around, I do not support the DNC , I only support Hilary clinton, I will not wast my vote,, by not voting,, I will Vote for McCain, not because I want him to win, Because I do not want Barack Obama to win more,, I can put up with McCain for 4 years, His hands are tired with congress anyway,, not much he can get done with out congress,, when this election is over a new campaign will start,, that is to replace the DNC and all the senators congress men & woman who treated Hilary with so dis-respect
    When there Term is up,, so many Democrats will be replace with Democrats that will be for the poeple,,What goes around comes Around,

  2. Just because you’re obviously not for Hillary doesn’t mean you need to belittle her win in Puerto Rico. The fact remains that even though voter turnout was not huge, she still won with a 68% margin. Sounds like a pretty big win to me. And Mr. Barack Hussein Obama does indeed have a problem with the Latino vote despite what others will have you believe. This will become abundantly clear in November when he loses his bid as president.
    Now THIS was an informative article on the issue:

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