Trying To Escape a Hurricane? Make Sure You Bring Your Papers

escapehurricane.jpgIf you’re in Texas and planning to escape a hurricane, you better bring your residency papers.

Hurricane season starts June 1. In the event of a hurricane in the region, emergency officials predict more than 130,000 evacuees will leave the Valley by school bus. They will be checked for identification and citizenship before they can board.
Anyone who is not a citizen or is not a legal resident will be held in specially designed areas in the Valley that are “made to withstand hurricanes,” said Dan Doty, a Border Patrol spokesperson for the Valley sector.

So will legal residents be allowed to evacuate because it says anyone who is not a citizen? And does anyone else really think that the “designated areas” won’t just be centers for deportation or that they really will withstand a hurricane? Remember the Astrodome?

And comment as much as you like but my gut and history tells me that determining who will be checked will be based on who looks like an “illegal” , meaning brown Latino folks.

Agents are very good at picking up on things that would lead them to believe somebody isn’t a U.S. citizen or does not have legal residence, Doty said.

What would that be exactly? Not speaking English? Having a Spanish last name? Speaking with an accent?

Via / Hermana Resist

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