Huerta Supports Clinton, Has Harsh Words for Obama

ufw-dolores.jpgFirst it was the “other” Kennedys — Bobby’s kids — and then César Chávez’s grandson. Now United Farm Workers of America co-founder Dolores Huerta is getting behind Hillary Clinton, and has some scathing remarks about opponent Barack Obama:

Hillary Clinton’s ties with the Latino community date back 35 years ago, while Barack Obama’s date back six months ago, said Dolores Huerta and Laredo’s political and community leaders at a meet and greet breakfast Sunday.

“She’s not the ‘Johnny Come Lately’,” said Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers union with César Chávez.

I don’t know what you all think, but I think this is a really strong endorsement for Hillary and could help her solidify her with the Latino community moving forward.

Huerta went on to say that she was none too happy about Barack Obama’s taking over of the UFWA’s slogan of “Sí, se puede” with his “Yes we can”:

“Now they’re copying our slogan, but you cannot build a relationship nomas con una palabra – just with one word,” said Huerta, referring to Obama’s campaign’s usage of the phrase.

Huerta seems to be tired of pandering to the Latino community when it’s election time, saying “You know that saying, nomas vienen a ver el nopal cuando tiene tunas…they only come to the cactus when it has fruit. That’s what this man is doing.”

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5 comments on “Huerta Supports Clinton, Has Harsh Words for Obama
  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Dolores Huerta is about as relevant in this day and age as Cesar Chavez…as in she’s not. Besides Huerta is only a hero to Mexicans not the rest of us Latinos.

  2. Huerta is a hero to all latinos not just Mexicans…but..why doesn’t she concentrate on organizing farm workers instead of endorsing candidates?

  3. Dolores Huerta is a great Latina! The cool thing about us is that we come in all shapes, colors, ans sizes. Todos somos from different places as she. Yes, she is Mexican pero she is still a hero alguien that stood up when no one did for us right beside Cesar. There are other great leaders that are Puerto Riquenos, Dominicans, Peruanos, Argentinos…ultimately we are Latinos!

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