Celebrate Dominican Independence Day : SOB’s Style

DSC00018.JPGJust because I’m Puerto Rican doesn’t mean I don’t like some Dominican flavor (forget the rumors of Ricans vs. Dominicans). I know from experience that one of the hottest Dominican Independence Day celebrations outside D.R. is in NYC, more specifically in S.O.B’s. This February 27 promises to be no different with a concert featuring merenguero Shino Aguakate, Frandy Sax and DJ Lobo. And where there’s good Dominican music there’s got to be good Dominican food. S.O.B’s is serving a full Dominican menu, completito con kipes, chicharron de pollo y pasteles de platanos (damn save me a plate!)This is the only celebration in NYC on February 27th, the actual date of Dominican Independence.

Ticket Info: First 100 Ladies free, $10 Ladies/ $12 Gentlemen; Available on Ticketmaster and the S.O.B.’s Box Office, 212-243-4940. Doors open 7pm.

Special Thanks to Alex Damashek at S.O.B’s for providing pics and info. Now someone quick : offer to watch my kids so I can go!

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