‘Crash’ to Become a TV Show

crash_movie_215.gifRemember Crash, that supposedly poignant film which purportedly made us all have a collective epiphany and own up to our own racism? Me neither (I liked it, saw it again, and hated it…weird). But you’ll have another chance to reflect on your bigotry with the new television series of the same premise:

Several producers of “Crash” have signed on to produce a 13-episode television series based on that Academy Award-winning film. This one-hour series will be the first original drama on Starz, which will produce it with Lionsgate. Production is expected to begin in the spring, with a premiere by the end of the year.

Starz? What is that?

Don Cheadle, a member of Crash’s (the film) original cast doesn’t have much hope either, saying “I don’t think you can do 13 episodes on that subject and keep people interested.”

Via / The New York Times

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One comment on “‘Crash’ to Become a TV Show
  1. Funny how much tv is hurting for new material. If the powers that be would just open up to new ideas, they might be able to interest people in using their minds a little bit.

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