Liars, Liars : FARCS Pants on Fire

rojas.jpgIt seems that the world is closer to figuring out who is the liar in the whole FARC/ Nene Emmanuel fiasco. On Saturday, the FARC admitted that the three year old boy being held by Colombian authorities in Bogota, the capital, is the same boy, known as Emmanuel, that was part of the failed hostage release deal set to take place at the end of December of last year (really just a week ago).

DNA tests indicated a complete match between mitochondria in the blood of the boy – who has been given the name Juan David Gomez – and Ms Rojas’ mother, Attorney General Mario Iguaran said, quoted by the Associated Press news agency.

The grandmother of the boy, Clara Gonzalez Rojas, says she was surprised but happy and they she was prepared to take care of the boy.

In the meantime, the lives of the remaining FARC hostages still hang in the balance. Talks negotiating the release of the boy’s mother, Clara Rojas, and other hostages are frozen.

This is huge blow to the credibility of the FARC and the media is having a field day with this here in the United States, also blaming Hugo Chavez. Which is unfair, in my opinion, I mean really how was he supposed to know.

Who I am more suspicious of in this situation is the Uribe government. I have my own personal doubts, not based in anything save a distrust of him. Did he really not know for all these years that these “negotiations” were going on that he had the boy, especially in the last few heated months? Did he and the rest of the Colombian government hold back the information, just to make Chavez look bad, and in the process drag out the suffering of the family members of the hostages?

Via / BBC

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