FARC Offers to Release 3 Hostages to Chavez but not Betancourt

rojas.jpgThe Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) said they were willing to release three hostages to Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez or someone he designates. The three hostages named are Clara Rojas, who was kidnapped with former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt in 2002, Ms Rojas’ son from a captor, Emmanual, who was born in captivity, and a former congresswoman, Consuelo Gonzalez. Ingrid Betancourt’s freedom was not offered. Last month Colombia ended Chavez’s involvement in the hostage negotiations.

France has stepped in and offered its assistance and support of Chavez. Not surprisingly, Colombia has a more reserved response, saying that FARC has made such promises in the past, although one might also think that Chavez’s involvement also plays a part in the lukewarm response.

Chavez confirmed that he too had received a copy of said offer.

Via / BBC y El Diario-La Prensa Print Edition

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