Still got mashed potatoes? Make taquitos

285824337_1d73ee8ff7_m.jpgWelcome to Jen’s kitchen, where nothing gets thrown away. Last week I told you what you could do with that leftover Thanksgiving turkey, and now I’m showing you what you can do with those mashed potatoes, which are just days away from turning colors. Think you want to throw them out? Don’t. Make taquitos!

Now most Americans don’t get the carb-on-carb obsession found in many Latin American cuisines. A few good examples are: Pambazo (a Mexican antojito consisting of bread with potatoes inside and deep fried), quesadilla de papa, and the matter at hand: taquitos de papa. Frequently found in weekend tianguis and at street fairs in Mexico (and also known as tacos dorados), these puppies are delicious. And as with many a Mexican antojito, they are only as good as their toppings.

Now I’m not gonna get all fancy with this recipe, because I don’t know how much leftover mashed potatoes you have. Just use common sense and nobody gets hurt.

Jen’s Turkey Day Taquitos

Here’s what you’ll need:

Leftover mashed potatoes (if they’ve been in the fridge, microwave until room temperature or warm)
A few corn tortillas
A bunch of cooking oil (you’ll want to put enough in the pan to cover the rolled taquito halfway)
Queso Fresco

Here’s what you do: have a look at your leftover papas. How many taquitos you think you’ll get out of them? Think about 3 TB of potatoes per taquito, so a little goes a long way. Lay out the tortillas, then add the the potatoes down the middle. Don’t put too much, as the idea is for them to be flauta size. Roll tightly.2009944519_d742da602e_m.jpg

Make sure the oil is good and hot. Pop in your rolled taquitos and fry on each side until golden brown. If any potato escapes from the sides of the taquitos, all the better. Those fried bits are heaven.

Drain taquitos on paper towels. Top with the above condiments and serve. Tip: Too lazy to roll? Put twice as much potatoes in the tortilla, fold in half and fry. You’ve got a fried quesadilla de papa!


Images via HostalPochon’s and lalucita’s Flickr pages

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