Obama Goes After Latinos Using Online Novelas

Barack Obama is going after California Latino voters through mini online Spanish language novelas. Using You Tube and the website, Tu Voz, Tu Voto, the little films are just as poorly acted out as real life novelas. They also rely on the same zero sum stereotypes about what choices Latinos have. The Ortiz family (no relation) here basically is telling other Latinos to choose between voting and marching, instead of highlighting how both are weapons.

I have to see the rest of the episodes but as a Latina, I’m a little offended at being told their is one path and one path only towards change and action.

See the rest of the videos yourself at Vote Hope.

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One comment on “Obama Goes After Latinos Using Online Novelas
  1. Cierto, but if you think about it the video has a good point, by marching and trying to change the law is a good way to go as last resort, but if we really want to make a change we should vote so we do not get another bush in power. We need to vote to choose a president that will help the Latino community and work more internationally with Latin/American countries.

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