Jessica Alba’s got something to say about Mexicans

albanomakeup.jpgVia a reader tip who pointed us to a post on, Jessica Alba had a lot to say about her Mexican heritage, and none of it good. Here’s a short excerpt:

“I’ve got cousins galore. Mexicans just spread all their seeds. And the women just pop them out.”

“My grandfather was the only Mexican at his college, the only Hispanic person at work and the only one at the all-white country club. He tried to forget his Mexican roots, because he never wanted his kids to be made to feel different in America. He and my grandmother didn’t speak Spanish to their children. Now, as a third-generation American, I feel as if I have finally cut loose.”

Wow, one more reason to hate her. Not sure where Perez got his info, but if this is true, I hope it alienates all of her Latino/a fans.

There are actually a couple more “enlightened” comments she makes on her cultural shame in his complete post. Check it out.

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  1. thank god someone made sense out of what she said even though i understood it..
    I too went to school and didnt fit in ppl are jugemental and on that fact if you didnt speak the your meant to know your jugde for that too so how are you meant to make everyone happy miss alba is disappointed in the fact she doesnt know her language and as i am and she is trying to teach her future child is a way of making sure that they can live through life with out that passing jugdement. Give the women a break and try to understand instead of passing jugdement!!

  2. I think her grandfather was wrong for trying to hide his background. I think it’s sad. You should always accept your background and try to preserve it and try to make sure that it isn’t lost. That’s why my mom pressures me so much to learn Khmer. But i’m also a latina,I’m half Afro cuben, But since my dad left me since i was little, I really don’t no nothing about the latin community. I was raised by the black community though. I’m easily mistaken for being Hispanic and black.
    Yea I feel her though, i’m not accepted in any community also i’m sorta of a outcast, but I like it dat way. I just know that i must not forget my cultural background, and just accpet who i am, even if they don’t want me they just gotta deal wit it.

  3. I am mexican american i was born in california but both parents are mexican.My dad use to be skinny until he came to the us and he is not illregal.Not all mexicans have alot fo children and not all mexicans are poor im not. I live in detroit and theirs alot of mexican. Overhere the mexican are the richest they have the most money. All the white people are poor or bums in the street. I have never seen a mexican bum.Well if jessica wants be be white let be white. But she should shut her mouth saying that we have lots of children that they just pop out of no where cuz they dont. If mexican want to have children let them. They work hard to make thgeir money atleast they work. They take any job they can get they dont camplane. My mother was a hard workin mexican and my father he always gave us what we wanted. Why? because he worked hard. Then americans comlpain that mexicans take their job well they dont they take jobs americans daont. Who picks their fruit vegtables and other foods. You never see a american with a job like that. WE Mexicans work hard we accomplish alot dont listen to mark cohen he just another stupid mexican hater. DONT HATE APpreciate. mexicans are just the smae as any other race we are not any better or any worst just because we cross the border and the us took most of our land alot so they are in our territory they are the ones who crossed our border. I work hard and i might even have a better job than you my american friend

  4. Hey latino rhyme with Taino… Taino, name of the indigenous
    people of Borikén,or Borinquen. In Borinquen lived to types of culture Tainos and Caribs together they raided and traded with the each other. The Caribs were the source of the gold which Columbus found in the possession of the Taíno; gold was not smelted by any of the insular Amerindians, but rather was obtained by trade.

    The Caribs were skilled boatbuilders and sailors, and seem to have owed their dominance in the Caribbean basin to their mastery of the arts of war. Some where in the 15th century, the Taíno tribe was being driven to the Northeast in the Caribbean (out of what is now South America) because of raids by fierce Caribs. Regrouping in Borinquen the Taino out-number the Caribs.

    The Taino had organized systems of religion and government. They believed in good and evil spirits, which could inhabit human bodies and natural objects. They sought to control these spirits through their priests or shamans.
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    This place Call Borikén,or Borinquen is now know as
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    And Latino does rhyme with Taino. Wonder Why!
    Aim Proud of Me.
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  5. If she doesn’t speak Spanish, she is not a true Latina and no one should care about her not being proud of her Latin roots to begin with. Be mad at her if she truly made those ignorant comments, but don’t be mad at her for her not admitting she is of Latino descendency. That’s just a waste of time. If you were her friend, yes, you could try to teach her Spanish and other things about our beautiful culture, but most, if not all, of us who are sending comments to this website are not. We need to take care of the Latinos who are proud and who have taken the time out to learn both Spanish and English. Those are the ones we should worry about in general and even cherish. The more we educate ourselves and accomplish things in this country in science, art, sports and all the other areas we have always contributed to, the more respect we will get from ourselves and others, including those who at 1st may not want to admit where their ancestors came from.

  6. I can sort of understand where Jessica Alba is coming from. However, she did go overboard with the stereotypical comments about Mexican females/Chicanas in general. Stereotypes good and bad or generalizations are for the most part true but the way she said it and the words she used lead me to believe she is a bit ashamed of what she is. I am a 20 year old MexiCAN AmeriCAN chica and damn proud of it. I myself don’t know Spanish and am not only judged by other Mexicans but by people of other ethnic backgrounds for it. I would never deny my roots or ancestry and wanna “break free” from my beautiful colored skin ‘though. That is where Alba is truly lost and pathetic..pitiful.*

  7. It’s not her fault her parents didn’t speak spanish. Many families are so busy they don’t speak to their kids in their own language. it happens. she’s just being honest.

  8. yeaaay thatz more like it….. mexicans stand up
    im proud to be a chicana or mexican or latina watever you wanna call it
    fuck the racist bitches
    get of this site then!

  9. wow i dont know were to start to say how wrong she is … not all mexican families are like how she described. yes mexican families are big and all there is .. is love for all the family and we care for each other thats the best thing about mexican families i am damn proud i have a big family … also proud to say that my family is educated im the 2nd generation to go to college. it seems like she is ashamed of her roots. not speaking spanish will not cover your mexican roots… i admire jessica alba soo much … but i am really upset she thinks that way about us.

  10. I can relate to alot of what she has gone through. I’m 1/4 salvadorian (and my grandfather must have been 100% native becuase he looks nothing of european ancestry to me), 1/4 mediterranean, and 1/2 northern european. I came out as an odd mix where people really can’t tell what I am (even though most people assume I’m at least half east asian, if not completly). I was never accepted by any race other than asians (maybe why my husband happens to be korean/japanese) and then the acceptions of some black americans and native americans. even though I have white skin, it has a yellow undertone (plus I have neraly black hair and dark eyes), so most white americans never consider me one of them, and to be honest, never liked me. I’m proud of myself, not really my race. why should I be, why should anyone be really proud of any race of people? I’m proud of what good people accomplish of any color, not just mine. I like the way I am, and I like my heritage, but to be proud of a race is holding standards and judging, even if you think it’s in a positive way. some people are good, some people are bad, some people are just plain stupid (like jessica I guess). what any of my ancestors did has nothing to do with me, I never owned slaves, I never killed people, and I’m not racist, so I can’t relate to someone of any of my multi-ethnic groups doing so (and by the way, ALL ethinic groups have owned slaves at one time in history, this is fact… native americans, europeans, african, asians, all of them). I never spoke anything but english, and my mother thinks she is pure european, so I can relate to jessica, but I would never dream of saying something like “I’ve got cousins galore. Mexicans just spread all their seeds. And the women just pop them out.”

  11. All of you who are proud of your heritage are right about your comments, and it’s nice to see Hispanics coming together, but all of you must admit you wouldn’t even care about her this much if she weren’t a star. Again, not this much. I think we should all agree to leave this issue alone, as there are limits to how far people should go with an issue. Were those horrible comments she made? Yes. Am I mad at people who are in the eye of the public who don’t admit they are Hispanics are crapping on us, and ignorant comments like this are still being made in this day and age? Yes. But like I said before, the real stars are the people in this world who never forget where they came from, regardless of race. Forget Jessica!

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