Reggaeton for Obama: What’s his name?

20061024_094928_CD25_obama_500.jpgSince it’s time to court the Latino vote, what better a way to do that than with a reggaeton anthem written in support of Barack Obama:

How do you say it…What’s his name? (OBAMA, OBAMA)”
Listen up my people this is a prepared man…
Hope has arrived
How do you say it… What’s his name?
OBAMA! OBAMA! (Repeat four times)

They say we don’t count…
That we are invisible because we don’t vote…
But here we are and all this is gonna change …
We did the rallies and now we gonna vote.
Listen to me people, it’s time for something different.
What we need is a new president…
How do you say it… What’s his name?
OBAMA! OBAMA! (Repeat two times)

All the Mexicans What’s his name?
All the Puertoricans What’s his name?
All the Peruvians What’s his name?

Who’s behind this? A site called The author of this little ditty says he has no other goal than to support the Democratic hopeful with the song he wrote. Let’s just hope that all the reggaeton haters don’t start associating Obama with el perreo.

I actually haven’t been able to get the song out of my head all day, a testament to the “pegadizo” nature of reggaeton tunes — even when they are about senators. Might this lead to a reggaeton throwdown between Hillary and Barack? (It’s not like we haven’t seen it before — in dueling salsa tunes for NYC mayoral candidates…) I think I know who’d win that one.

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2 comments on “Reggaeton for Obama: What’s his name?
  1. Mullah Cimoc say so obvious this obama working for the hillary clinton.

    he just fake. work to aide hillary, make ameriki man so stupid and be boss by woman.

    him two purpose, test water for hillary, also taking contribution from legitimate opponents, dry up contribution pool.

    ameriki man so soon get all stupid thinking for watch tv … show woman is boss of man. man just homer simpson for woman to make all decision.

    Aermkki people need fight against lesbian judge in court kick man from home give childrent to lesbian. then man living in car and have protect order and pay child support for new boyfriend having big party.

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