Bloggers strike out against Spain

Picture%209.jpgLast week we told you about a controversial ad for Spain’s Iberia airlines which had a Spanish consumer group up in arms over its depiction of Cuba. The ad was pulled due to pressure by the group, and has been covered by quite a few bloggers. On a related note, a group of conservative Cuban bloggers have announced their condemnation of the Spanish government for its relationship with Cuba. Calling themselves the “Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty” (BUCL), they’ve launched a multimedia campaign against Spain:

“This effort marks the first of several coordinated activities aimed at exposing those countries, companies and institutions that aid and abet the Castro regime in oppressing the Cuban people,” said Henry Gomez, the spokesman for Bloggers United for Cuban Freedom. Gomez continues:

“Spanish businesses are dealing directly with the Castro regime and are helping perpetuate Cuba’s totalitarian system by complying with that country’s unfair labor laws and enforcing an apartheid system in which Cubans are not allowed to use the same facilities as tourists. From the Spanish perspective, there is no reason to pursue change in Cuba, they are benefiting from exploitation of Cuban workers and would like to see the status quo perpetuated.”

The bloggers are also peeved because Spain’s foreign minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos chose not to meet with dissidents on a recent official visit to Cuba.

It was unclear to me what the campaign is meant to accomplish, but it looks like an economic boycott of Spain on the part of anti-Castro Cuban Americans. Blogger Val Prieto says, via press release:

“It’s important for the Spanish government and business interests to know that freedom-loving Cubans will not forget who conspired with the Castro brothers and against their liberty when the inevitable fall of the dictatorship comes.”

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  1. Which reminds me that I need to make another trip to Cuba and PURPOSELY stay at one of the nice hotels own by Spanish companies.

    I love Cuba AND I love Spain!

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