Should reggaeton lyrics be regulated?

reggaeton.jpgResponding to the controversy that just won’t die — the Imus in the Morning scandal — hip hop mogul Russell Simmons says he agrees with those who say that rap and hip hop music is just as guilty of degrading women and glorifying racial epithets against blacks as the comments made by the shock jock. Concretely, he believes that the music industry would do well to eliminate three words from its vernacular:

Expressing concern about the “growing public outrage” over the use of such words in rap lyrics, Simmons said the words “bitch,” “ho” and “nigger” should be considered “extreme curse words.”

“We recommend (they’re) always out,” Simmons, the pioneering entrepreneur who made millions of dollars as he helped shape hip-hop culture, said in an interview Monday. “This is a first step. It’s a clear message and a consistency that we want the industry to accept for more corporate social responsibility”

I have a hard time believing that these words will disappear from hip hop any time soon. And in hearing Simmons’ proposal, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a post Maegan wrote back in 2005 about Reggaeton. Many have charged that this musical genre is degrading to women, with lyrics that sing the praises of the perreo and which many say reduce women to mere sex objects, perpetuating the negative stereotype of an oversexed Latino macho.Reggaeton-1.jpg

Reggaeton has flown under the radar in the U.S. — the land of P.C.-ness and regulations — because the lyrics are in Spanish, leaving most of the population in the dark about what the songs are about.

Fans of reggaeton compare the genre to hip hop, and say its lyrics reflect a Latino reality, and that the hype about them is overblown. Indeed, not all reggaeton songs are about sex.

What do you think? Should reggaeton lyrics also be put in the hotseat as hip hop lyrics? Should neither be regulated? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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7 comments on “Should reggaeton lyrics be regulated?
  1. I’m generally anti-censorship but I am also against the sexist lyrics in reggaeton. That’s why I just don’t listen to many of them. I think that as long as people buy into the over-sexed lyrics the artists and those megacompanies that run them are gonna keep churning them out.

  2. Let’s see if rap actually does this first and then pick on reggaeton. I bet the hip hop industry won’t enforce this.

  3. I disagree that it is mainly women who like reggaeton. According to the visitors of my website the male to female ratio is equal. Reggaeton is by all means the Latin mans Hip-hop, therefor I see as many young men supporting reggaeton as women in my every day life and experience with this genre.

    I think that not censoring music that is in Spanish highlights the ignorance of American Society at large. Americans in general have issues with their children learning Spanish as a second language at an early age nation wide. This is while many other countries children grow up learning a second language and are better people for it. You cannot censor what you don’t understand. Because of years of Americans denouncing the importance of the Spanish Language in the United States we find ourselves in a bind when it comes to the difficulties of censoring a Spanish. I have heard so manĂ½ ‘bad words’in Spanish lyrics played on the radio, I am just numb to them now. Also I live in Puerto Rico now and I cant even imagine the censors keeping up with Puerto Rican slang .

    As for sexist lyrics in Reggaeton. You cant separate the lyrics from the genre. They speak of what they learn as the grow up. Many artists now are really starting to be creative with their lyrics. They realize now that people are listening to what they have to say. Reggaeton artists come from the poorest neighborhoods and they sing about what they know and what makes them happy, the same as hip-hop.

    I would also like to point out that the lyrics we hear today in both Hip-hop and Reggaeton can be viewed as our report card from todays minority youth. In many areas society as failed. You have a society where children are bought up in ghettos and poverty, and sometimes little is done to change life for these kids. They have to find ways out of the ghetto all by themselves. Theses kids are a product of our society.Listen to what they have to say, and apply what you learn toward making life better for the next generation.

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