Puerto Rico’s Tito Kayak Under Arrest in Israel

titokayak.jpgA 48 year old Puerto Rican activist, Alberto de Jesus aka Tito Kayak, who made himself especially known protesting the U.S. Navy presence on Vieques, is currently under house arrest in Israel after he climbed a tower near Israel’s West Bank separation barrier and planted a Palestinian flag on it. De Jesus, who has been under arrest since Friday, was originally held in a prison in Beth El Settlement, near the city of Ramallah then placed under house arrest.

De Jesus initially was arrested after climbing a six-story surveillance tower alongside the separation barrier, near the West Bank town of Bilin. De Jesus stayed stayed on the tower for five hours and flew a large Palestinian flag, as part of a weekly protest by peace activists against the barrier.Police were unavailable to comment Tuesday, Israel’s independence day, but earlier said De Jesus would most likely be deported.

Tito’s actions were part of other actions protesting the barrier which Israel says is needed to keep militants out while Palestinians say the wall is part of continued Israeli encroachment on Palestinian land.

Via / CNN

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