Pope: No more limbo, it’s heaven or hell

limbo.jpgWhile the words of the Pope have long gone unchallenged in Latin America and other countries with large Catholic communities, even the staunchest supporters of the Vatican’s doctrines must be scratching their heads at this: after 800 years, Pope Benedict XVI has done away with the concept of “limbo”:

The decision was taken after Benedict XVI was presented with Vatican studies that said there were “serious” grounds that such souls could go to heaven, rather than exist between heaven and hell as they have done for almost 800 years.

The 41-page report by the Vatican’s Theological Commission, which was compiled following a three-year study, said the concept was an “unduly restrictive view of salvation”. However, it added that baptism was the only way to remove the stain of original sin – which according to the Catholic faith all are born with – and urged parents to continue to baptise their children.

hell372.jpgI’ll fully prepare myself to be bashed by Catholics for this, but I can’t understand how it’s acceptable to invent and uninvent concepts related to issues as serious as one’s eternal salvation/damnation. I won’t pretend to know much about Catholic doctrine, but if Catholicism is a Christian religion, and Christianity is based on “biblical truths”, how is it that things like “limbo” which aren’t in the bible introduced into the belief system, fervently believed in for centuries, then later eliminated? What’s next, purgatory?

If anything, however, the elimination of limbo seems to offer hope to those who before might have been relegated to an afterlife “away from God” (such was the case of unbaptized babies), by suggesting that instead of limbo they might enjoy heaven:

“There is greater theological awareness today that God is merciful and wants all human beings to be saved. Grace has priority over sin, and the exclusion of innocent babies from heaven does not seem to reflect Christ’s special love for the little ones,” the report says.

My mind must be rather narrow as I can’t fathom how a declaration by the Pope can dictate the fate of people in the afterlife. Just saying something exists or doesn’t exist makes it so? Educate me, please.

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4 comments on “Pope: No more limbo, it’s heaven or hell
  1. I was brought up in a catholic family and from early on, I started questioning all this things. They just didn’t add up.

    To me, one of the main problems with most religions is that, you can’t question things, you can’t think for yourself. You can’t go and say, hmm, this just does not make sense. Why? Because, that means you would not have faith, you would be questioning the authority of god itself, even though you are questioning things that have been added to religion by other people or societies througout different times in history.

    Every time I read something like this, it’s obvious to me that catholicism is so far behind in time. They are discussing things like “limbo” in 2007, when they should be talking about things that concern society TODAY! They are even considering doing the service in Latin again.

    Priests need to start leading real lives, because they just don’t have a clue what goes on in the real world. They live in a parallel world, where years are longer and things like “limbo” and “celibacy” still matter. Even Jesus Christ went fishing once in a while you know…

  2. I am so happy to hear that the POPE has eliminated purgatory!! This has been a Catholic invention for centuries and has been deceiving people for centuries!! I pray the Lord continues to work within Pope Benedict, as this definitely is the Lord speaking through him!! This is wonderful to hear!!!

    Sincerely, Diane

  3. In answer to the main article above, the Bible is not the authority on faith. The bible itself states that the final authority on faith is the Church. (1 Timothy 3:15 > the Church is the pillar of the truth. Ephesians 3:10 > God teaches those in Heaven through the Church, 2 St. Peter 1:20, St. Matthew 18:17). The Roman Catholic Church wrote the New Testament and defined the Canon of 27 books at the Council of Carthage in 397A.D.

    The word limbo means edge, in its use in Theology it means the upper edge of Hell. Limbo by the Church’s definition, does exist it is simply a part of Hell where those who die only with Original Sin, but no actual sin go for all of eternity.

    All heretics, those outside the Roman Catholic Church, go to a lower section of Hell than Limbo for their sins against the First Commandment (worshiping fake protestant “Jesus Christs” who don’t even exist, only the Catholic Jesus Christ exists.) The “lutheran” Jesus is a fable dreampt up in 1517, the “methodist” Jesus is a fable dreampt up in 1744, the “baptist” Jesus was invented in 1606 and is also a fable, etc.

    If anyone wants to know what the actual truths from Heaven are, they are the 252 defined Dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church and are listed in Section 3 of http://Immaculata-one.com. Section 6 of this web site lists 10 scriptures that the Church is the authority on faith.

    The bible doesn’t even apply to heretics it only applies to Roman Catholics because only Roman Catholics are Christians (see Section 8 of the above web site).
    Slave of the Blessed Virgin

  4. i do not belive in the vergine at all
    i only belive in god andi dont dont
    belive in any thing ells i just think
    thai if you dont belive in god whates
    the reason of living he gave up his
    life for us and there was no one els
    involved in it not the vergin mary or
    any other god.

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