Miss Mexico Changes Her Dress

6f9cfec0-d7aa-402c-b47c-e8b4ec1b8a01.widec.jpgMiss Mexico caused quite a stir with her choice of traditional dress for the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Mexico, Rosa Maria Ojeda, presented the dress March 29, showing off the billowing, hoop skirt adorned with sketches of Catholic rebels hanging from posts. Rosaries and scapulars hung from the bullet-studded, bandolier belt; a large crucifix necklace, black halter top and wide-brimmed sombrero completed the outfit.

While Ms. Ojeda didn’t intend to make a political statement, many felt it was inappropriate given the rising number of drug related killings in Mexico and the fierce religious debate concerning the legalization of abortion in Mexico.

Cut from a traditional natural cotton called manta, the dress depicts scenes from the 1926-1929 Cristero war, an uprising by Roman Catholic rebels against Mexico’s secular government, which was imposing fiercely anti-clerical laws. Tens of thousands of people died.Ojeda’s representatives did not return phone calls seeking comment, but said in a statement the dress would be “modified” due to “the concerns that have surfaced regarding the design.” Pageant spokeswoman Esther Swan said the skirt would have ribbons and ruffles and no pattern, while the top would remain the same.

Political connotations aside, no one told her the dress was just plain ugly?


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