Maradona To Battle Demons the Swiss Way

diego_maradona_70.jpgArgentino Futbol legend, Diego Maradona, is making headlines again, this time for his weight, which according to his official doctor has nothing to do with his cocaine addiction. The once fit now flabby Maradona is looking to “vacation” in Switzerland to take off some pounds.

Maradona gained weight in recent weeks because of carelessness, but his medical tests last week were fine, his personal physician, Dr. Alfredo Cahe, told Buenos Aires’s Radio 10.
“There was a failure on Maradona’s part to stick to his diet. That’s why we’re planning a vacation. We’re looking into whether it would be possible for him to leave the country for a little while to get away from his friends and entourage,” Cahe said.The retired soccer star will undergo treatment to deal with the fluid retention that has affected him recently, the doctor said.

You have to love the use of euphemisms. “Vacation” and “fluid retention” or just another stint in rehab? Or maybe “el mano de dios” is trying to escape legal troubles at home?

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