More Immigrant Sweeps Across the Country

immigration.jpgLate last year there were a series of immigration raids across the country targeting the meat packing industry. And while in downtown NYC yesterday, NYU Republicans played “find the illegal alien” amidst protests, in Midtown Manhattan the government was seeking out undocumented workers, except they weren’t playing.

In a sweep across 17 states and the District of Columbia, immigration officials descended on popular eateries like Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood, arrested almost 200 illegal immigrants working for a janitorial company and filed criminal charges against its top three officials.

Here in NYC popular tourist spots in Times Square, like ESPN Zone, were targeted. This has many undocumented workers within the city on edge and has many companies who hire undocumented workers, paying them off the books in cash, trimming down their employee numbers. While it’s too early to tell the impact of these latest sweeps, the fact that they took place in major cities with huge immigrant populations is likely to impact how people live and work.

Via / The Chicago Tribune

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2 comments on “More Immigrant Sweeps Across the Country
  1. To the sellout scum that work and support the imperialist violence of the INS and Border Patrol, you have betrayed your people, your heritage, and your own souls, either knowingly or in ignorance! All those who descend from Latino blood in the pinche cagado Border Patrol, INS, or gringo imperialist army should do the freedom loving world a favor and strand yourselves in the desert you kill others in. !Que viva la raza libre, unida, y patriotica de Latinoamerica!

  2. For one thing the only people in the USA that are here legaly are the natives, this includes some Mexican natives, all Eurpoeans are here illegaly.
    Why does everyone let bigots like Lou Dobbs and this recently new bigot called Beck get away with what they are saying on the tv. when it is clear that they are Mexican bashing calling it illegal people.
    You should boycott any products that advertise on their station.

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