Ricky Martin sticks it to Bush

Our friends over at Latin Gossip are reporting that Ricky Martin has apparently changed his political stripes: it seems that one of George W. Bush‘s more illustrious Latino supporters is now telling him to stick it:_1126294_martin2300.jpg

During his performance in Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin stuck his middle finger out when he mentioned President Bush’s name. In the song Asignatura Pendiente, there is a line in the lyrics that goes:

“A photo with Bush…”

As he said this, Ricky gave him the F-you treatment and the crowd of 18,000 fans went crazy and cheered.

The irony in all of this is that Ricky was one of the artists to sing for Bush during his inauguration as President.

bushmartinLR.jpgExactly! Ricky was willing to risk his image in the minds of many Latinos by performing at the inauguration (which can be considered outing himself as a Republican) when Bush was on top, but now that his popularity has tanked, it seems that Ricky is no longer in love. He pulled a Dixie Chicks, but it doesn’t take any kind of huevos to do that now. That’s so several years ago.

As much as I agree with the middle finger, it seems a bit hypocritical to me. I mean check out those photos!

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9 comments on “Ricky Martin sticks it to Bush
  1. Although I absolutely agree with the ‘gesture’ in regards to Bush, but I believe what Ricky did (perform at the inauguration) set a milestone and a precedent for Latino artists. He did it for the greater good of all Latinos, saying: we are good enough to stand with the most powerful man on earth, at one of the most influential events on the planet. GO! Go! Go! Ricky!

  2. I don’t think it’s because “his popularity has tanked” it’s rather because of how the President acts lataly. Ricky hates war that kills many people especially when the victims are innocent children.
    I think “outing himself as a Republican” never was his intention with that performance. He did it for the Latino community and not for the President. Go Ricky!

  3. I think that what he did takes a lot of cojones, and Ricky has them. Bush is a clown that thinks he is doing the correct thing. I feel bad for al the soldiers in Iraq, because a great amount of them thinks the war is a joke and that many are loosing their lives for nothing. I love the the Dixie Chicks and Ricky Martin sticked to their beliefs and don’t need to apologize to that mf.

  4. A publicity stunt. Martin has always tried to find ways of increasing his sales. First Dixie Chicks, Madonna, now him. He’s a media whore, and cannot come up with his own way of causing a commotion. Maybe if he came out of the closet.

    Not impressed at all, although I am anti bush

  5. The person that wrote this article should be ashamed of him/her self. Ricky Martin did not know Bush political agenda when he performed for him, he did not know that Bush supported the WAR, and he did that to REPRESENT THE LATINO PEOPLE.

    IF THE PERSON THAT WROTE THIS ARTICLE IS LATINO/A should be ashamed of attacking one of our biggest Icon in Music, ” Ricky Martin”. is one of the biggest artist on the planet, his lattest album ” The MTV Unplugged is # 1 in the Latin Chart and Latin America,part of Europe, his world Tour Black and White started in Puerto rico and already marked a new record in the Island, 4 sold out concecutive concerts in Stadium of 30,000.00 people a total of 160,000.00 people attend to his 4 concerts.

    His tour in Latin America is making history, and after that is touring to Europe and US.

  6. I believe that the person who set him up to sing at the Bush inauguration also planned to have him oppose the president in public and on stage and on tv. This was to happen at the very end during the beginning of election campaigning. This whole thing was planned and thought out very carefully ahead of time. I believe that Ricky Martin has always been a democrat and NEVER a republican! The people who gave him his singing career and acting career are democrats too. This entire thing was carefully planned back during the inauguration! The music industry knows that if there is a democrat in the white house he can be controlled and they will have all kinds of leeway and control to do what they want. These people are into drugs and filth of every kind. They want a president who will change laws to suit them, even legalizing drugs.

  7. You watch, Ricky will tell everyone to vote Democrat and the war will stop. But it won’t. Years ago this country had a democrat president they all loved named Roosevelt (FDR). He trusted the russians and sided with them during the war even though he was warned about them by the germans. After the russians double crossed FDR he couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe what a big mistake he had made and he went down to georgia where they said he had a heart attack and died. He didn’t! The truth is, he picked up a gun and shot and killed himself!
    When Reagan was president he trusted the russians too. In 1984 someone told me that the russians were responsible for AIDS. They said “The Russians have known about AIDS for years, they study these kinds of things. They are responsible for transmitting it all over the world!” They were able to do it during the Reagan presidency, it was called Glasnost! Remember, the berlin wall was down and there was a new “openness” in Russia and people were welcoming the russians into their countries. All the while, the russians were giving people AIDS in every country they went to. And it was announced just 3 years ago that AIDS is nothing new, there were cases of it reported back in the 1940′s. The russians knew all about it! See how sneaky people can be? Ricky should stay out of politics where he has NO business! He doesn’t understand anything! He actually thinks that if we pull out of Iraq everything will be ok and it won’t. I’m sure that the russians are involved in this Iraq mess too. Watch and see.

  8. Ricky Martin,

    I think it is ok if you want to join the international relations world or becoming a diplomat. We need more problem solver and negotiator, not someone like that George Bush or Tony Blair. I just hope Gordon Brown will read my comment. My advise to him is “Gordon don’t even think about sending in more troops to Iraq. You should just draw all of your troops out of the Iraqis soil and start to concentrate on economic reforms. By the way who is that “Golden Boy” that you send in to the United Nations just few weeks ago? Sorry I have forgotten his name.”

  9. For all those who blame bush, and are against the wars, you will understand it better if you witness another 9/11 in your own countries.
    There are better ways to express ones opinion about war.
    This gesture from a professional like Ricky is unacceptable.

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