Lupillo Rivera’s ex attacks his wife

th_192_2.jpgBanda star Lupillo Rivera‘s ex wife went ballistic on his current wife earlier this week, striking the latter multiple times in the head and leaving her injured. Police arrived on the scene and promptly arrested MarĂ­a Gorola, the ex wife, but she was later released on $500 bail.

Lupillo’s publicist sent VL the following statement in Spanish:

Lupillo and Mayeli would like to express their deep appreciation for the support received during this difficult week. Neither of them will offer any statements about the incident because of the discretion that a case that is still under investigation demands. In spite of being a public figure, the priority of Lupillo is the weell-being of his wife and children and he understands that any statement that he can make might hurt his children more. We ask everyone that this issue be respected as private and person.

If you need more information please contact the Long Beach Police Department.

On the other hand, Lupillo’s ex, the accused, says that the “incident has been manipulated to show the other person as the victim.”

Via / La Voz and La Oreja

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2 comments on “Lupillo Rivera’s ex attacks his wife
  1. Yo soy una fanatica y eres mi idolo yo te veo en todos los pogramas cuando as estado en el show de cristina y don fransico y ultima mente que estuvistes en la presentacion que estavas en el showw de jose luis cincesura en el omenaje que te iso jose luis junto con tus papas y yo te mire en el bautizo del nino the OMAR CASTELLON por que yo soy la tia de el tanto como tu y jenni son mis idolos

  2. I don’t believe that Mayeli is any kind of a victim. I do believe that Maria IS THE VICTIM. Mayeli es una ROBAMARIDO. They say she set the whole thing up to look like she was the victim.

    Why does she make things so hard for Maria?? She has Lupillo, what more does she want?

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