Huracán Hugo?

chavezun.jpgHave no fear, Hugo is here doesn’t exactly sound like a ticket most pundits and U.S. media outlets are buying but that’s the message that Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is trying to send out. Not only is el Presidente trying to calm the media abroad but he’s trying to soothe the nerves of the wealthy within his nation who worry that his Bolivarian Socialist revolution may mean losing private property and and fancy rides.”

Nobody should allow themselves to be imbued with fear. If anybody should be scared, we should be scared of capitalism, which destroys society, people and the planet,” Chavez said Sunday during his weekly television and radio program “Hello President.”

But a luxury tax that targets second homes, art collections and expensive cars with the goal of redistributing wealth to the poor could be scary to the ricos (mind you I’m not saying it’s a bad idea). What should be scary, for rich and poor alike, is Chavez’s latest attempt to gain broader presidential powers.

The Chavez supporting National Assembly is poised to approve a “mother law” as early as Wednesday –enabling him to remake society by presidential decree.

In its latest draft, the law would allow Chavez to dictate measures for 18 months in 11 broad areas, from the “economic and social sphere” to the “transformation of state institutions.”

Via / Fox News y CNN

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