Ugly Betty takes home two Golden Globes

capt.32314310a0b84b99bba46fa1b747a338.golden_globes_press_room_carg192.jpgHooray! It’s a landmark moment for Latinos on TV. A show by Latinos, with a Latino cast and a Latino storyline, adapted from a script born in Latin America, has taken the Golden Globe for Best Comedy, with America Ferrera taking home her own for Best Comic Actress on TV.

Betty‘s producer, Silvio Horta, got all teary-eyed (and so did I, I confess) when he said that Ugly Betty was an immigrant story and that Betty herself symbolizes the American dream. The immigrant angle, I think, is what has taken an ordinary Cinderella tale and turned it into something meaningful that so many people can relate to.

While Horta gave his speech, Salma Hayek, the show’s star executive producer stood back, and cast member Vanessa Williams jumped up and down and shouted with glee. Horta ended his speech by sending a shout out to his mom: “Te quiero, mami!”

capt.1deb17d21024485c9d4c9cc6918067a7.golden_globes_press_room_carg189.jpgAnother tear-jerker was America’s acceptance speech, in which she thanked her mother especially for being her inspiration:

“Everything that I’ve ever accomplished in this life has been due to the strength and intelligence and will that you gave me, Mommy.”

Camera cuts to Salma Hayek who (like other stars — even those who lost to America in the category) balling her eyes out.

So much for what ABC originally thought of the show:

ABC had such little faith in “Ugly Betty,” an international megahit that originated as a Colombian telenovela, that it initially was scheduled for the TV graveyard of Friday nights, until the network sensed a buzz and premiered it on Thursday, where it has flourished.


Via / International Herald Tribune

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