Niurka to be Playboy Mexico’s new covergirl

539571_tn.jpgShe’s a crazy like a fox and no Marilyn Monroe, but that didn’t stop the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine from signing up Cuban B-lister Niurka Marcos to be its next covergirl. I guess it’s more about scandal that aesthetics here:

Moments after signing a contracat with the publishers of the magazie, Niurka said that she had not accepted the offer previously out of respect for her ex boyfriends, Juan Osorio y Bobby Larios, but that now that she enjoys her freedom, she makes decisions on her own.

Niurka, always the deep thinker, also says that being single has shown her another side of herself:

She added that now that she doesn’t have a partner “I have done marvelous things, I have recognized myself, I have identified with myself and I have discovered the talents that I have.”

Oh, and what talents! Niurka is also preparing for the release of her new book, written by her — not a ghostwriter — in which she tells of her humble beginnings in Cuba and her rise to fame in Mexico.

Via / 20 Minutos

Image via 20Minutos/EFE by Mario Guzmán

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