Wanna Ilegal For Lunch?

Panini.jpgA deli across the street from Federal Plaza in NYC, where the department of immigration lives, allows you to have an illegal for lunch. No you can’t take an undocumented immigrant home. The “illegal” is a sandwich.

The Illegals in question are specialty panini sandwiches, sold to office workers who grab their lunch at the Civic Deli on Worth St. between Broadway and Lafayette St. The “Illegal” — Sausalito turkey, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and a jalapeño-fi red guacamole spread — is not on the menu above but is advertised from its sign in the display case, which also shows a man going through a barbed wire fence. They’ve been making it for about six months, according to Roberto Agapito, the soup-ladling, cutlet-cutting, potato-chip-scooping Mexican mastermind behind the creation.
If you order an Illegal in Spanish at the Civic, the inevitable ensues.
Customer: “I’ll have an Illegal, please.”
Worker (pointing to guy next to him): “Here’s one.”
Laughter all around.
Agapito, who has been in the United States for 12 years, said he created it to honor the experiences of many of his fellow Latino immigrants.

I guess I have a poor sense of humor but I’m not laughing. I guess you could wash down the sandwich with a Green Card.

Via / Viva New York

Image Via / Abroadco

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