Mexican Police Take Oaxaca Streets One at a Time

oaxaca1.jpgI called it yesterday when I wrote about police surrounding Oaxaca and prediected an escalation in an already violent situation.On order of outgoing President Vicente Fox, thousands of federal police pushed back the five month “toma” or takeover of the Oaxacan streets.

At about 3 p.m., the police officers began advancing. Water cannons were fired on people who did not clear the way. Chaos ensued as men, women and children fled.
Elsewhere, bulldozers cleared some of the hundreds of barricades that had been erected around the town.Protesters said the police killed one of their supporters in the raid, although police officials did not confirm the death.

Protesters vowed to continue their struggle against Ulises Ruiz, the governor of Oaxaca State and his policies.

Via / The New York Times (Registration Required)

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