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homepage.jpgI’m tired of mainstream hip hop’s obsession with culo, cash, and cadenas so I got hyped when I read about out and about gay rapper Deadlee over at Latino LA. According to Latino LA’s Camilo Arenivar:

Deadlee, who is one-fourth black and three-quarter Mexican, is experiencing rising popularity as a result of his work in the documentary and a heavy push on MySpace, Gay Media and being featured in LOGO’s Hip Hop Homos. He recently received interest from MTV and The L Word. His performance in the film has been noted in the straight rap magazine URB and in articles in the NY Daily News as well as other sources. In June, He had a full page photo in the Nation’s number one Gay and Lesbian magazine, The Advocate.

Heading over to hisMySpace page to hear some of his tracks, I was initially shocked by his graphic lyrics but listening deep, Deadlee is deep, tackling head on stereotypes of what makes a “faggot” and hip hop’s history of homophobia. No one is safe from his rhymes or beats, not even the president of the U.S. Not only that, but this hombre is funny too.

Tonight at 10 pm Deadlee will be at Hollywood’s famous Knitting Factory. Deadlee will also be featured in Director Alex Hinton’s documentary on Gay Hip Hop/Rap, “Pick Up the Mic” on Friday, July 14, as part of Outfest 2006, the 24th Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Los Angeles. On Saturday July 15th at 8 PM Deadlee will be at The Stone Bar in Hollywood.

If you’re in LA, check him out and support and reclaim hip hop that belongs to all the people and represents. If you’re like me, not in LA, check out Deadlee on the web.

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5 comments on “Blaxican Gay Rapper In Your Face
  1. It’s nice to see someone breaking the mold, especially a gay man of color, but I don’t think many people outside of the gay community will be comfortable with a gay rapper. I’m not homophobic at all but it still seems even a bit strange to me. I just imagine myself watching a video of his, and wondering if he’s into any of the other men in the video. I wish this guy well but I don’t think that the world is ready for a gay rapper.

  2. Well it’s not up the rest of the world to be comfortable. Gays, people of color, women etc. are often not comfortable because of their relative position in society. If anything the pressence of a gay rapper of color should make people uncomfortable so that those people will be forced to confront their homophobia and privilege.

  3. Whether or not the world is ready for gay rappers and hip hoppers, they are already here, and have been. Deadlee is merely Los Angeles’ and also the only Latino one. Minneapolis has Tori Fixx (tight beats!!!), Chicago has Johnny Dangeous(more tight beats), New York has Dutchboy and God-dess and She (lesbian hip hop), San Francisco has Jen-Ro (bad ass lesbian MC from the Bay), Oakland has Deep Dick Collective and JB Rap. There is a whole movie about this movement called Pick Up the Mic ( . It’s quite intense.

    Oh yeah, glad to see my article got some attention.

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