Lou Dobbs’ Beef with Mexico

pic_2005apr10_0729.jpgThis country has its fair share of xenophobes and racists, some of which have made a name for themselves on cable news networks, where every non blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus fearing individual is subject to belittlement and allegations of being responsible from everything to gas prices to terrorism.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs, however, is a different breed of bigot. Whether or not true reflections of Mr. Dobbs’ own convictions or the work of a few savvy producers with a penchant for sensationalism (remember when Bill O’Reilly was on A Current Affair and was “normal”?), Lou Dobbs is OBSESSED with Mexicans. I repeat: OBSESSED. And I actually do think the obsession is real, especially given the above photo of him with the “Minutemen”.Lou Dobbs is OBSESSED with Mexicans. I repeat: OBSESSED. And I actually do think the obsession is real, especially given the above photo of him with the “Minutemen”.

At first it was kind of a joke with my friends: “Guess what Lou Dobbs’ lead story is today…Uh, I don’t know, the outsourcing of America to MEXICO? Our unprotected borders open to evil MEXICANS?” Later I realized that the subject of illegal Mexican immigration was even more common on his show “Lou Dobbs Tonight” than I thought. I think it’s pretty safe to say that at least one of bigger stories each night is about illegal Mexican immigration to the U.S., if not more.

So, my question is: why just Mexico? Why not throw in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador or any other country every once in a while? Was Mr. Dobbs slighted by a Mexican girlfriend at one point and expressing his ire years later via cable news, or does he not know that these other countries exist? I’m stumped.

True testament to his obsession can be found in the transcripts of his show on CNN.com. On October 10th, Dobbs had two (count ‘em, two, on a one hour news program) stories about Mexican immigration; one about Mexican illegal immigrants coming in to “take away jobs” in New Orleans post-Katrina and another about the “disturbing rise in the number of Mexican consulates” in the U.S.

You can read the transcript of this show at CNN.com.

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  1. VivirLatino » Lou Dobbs’ Beef with Mexico

    “This country has its fair share of xenophobes and racists, some of which have made a name for themselves on cable news networks, where every non blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus fearing individual is subject to belittlement and allegations of bein…

  2. I agree that Lou Dobbs is obsessed with Mexicans. Illegal immigrants come from all over Latin America and all over the world. Yet he only mentions Mexicans.

    As for taking jobs, I didn’t see anybody else lining up to clean the disgusting mess at the New Orleans Convention Center. Mexican immigrants will work at any job to support their families because they have values and a work ethic.

    Dobbs is a pathetic, racist idiot. He might win his time slot, but CNN is losing viewers at an alarming rate.

    I don’t watch CNN anymore and I am making sure that my children don’t watch it either.

  3. This is a shame for cnn….For the first time i see his photo with the minute man campaign…this is the prove of a cnn campaign against latin people and not only mexicans. We from colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela and Chile will fight against this animal…togheter well put this animal out of the Tv.

  4. It’s time to stopping this mediocre Lou Dobbs. All south Americans, Latin Americans and Mexicans to be unify against this racisr pig. The society from United States every weekly day have to assist this organically mental damaged brain live on cnn. This old facist animal bring alive the old style and repugnantfacism. This animal must to be apart from the human figure with his advent of Hitler and Mussolini mind.Like Adolph Hitler, the cnn anchor is bring for this world the fashion of pure Aryan blood. This typical American yankee mixed with irish yankee blood is the most worthless shame of the journalism. Cnn is guilty too…because is given all support to this campaign againsta the south americans and latin americans with the people of Mexico.

  5. Paola,

    What nationality are you anyway? Are you a Brazilian or a Brazilian-American? Are you a Mexican or a Mexican-American? Before the last generation of Latinos arrived in the U.S., the U.S. govt. expected and required that your loyalty was only to the United States, hence you became a loyal, patriotic American citizen, and didn’t wave your former country’s flag at every demonstration or protest. I know too many Latino immigrants who come to the U.S. only to earn money and could care less about our culture or history. Obviously, we’ve been doing something right all these years or Latinos wouldn’t be abandoning their “proud”, yet unsuccessful, countries in droves.

    The vast majority of law-abiding US citizens and legal permanent residents in the US tend to agree with Lou Dobbs position on illegal immigration and outsourcing of jobs.

    And by the way, I don’t recall ever hearing Lou Dobbs make a negative comment about “legal immigration”, so if you are offended by Mr. Dobbs comments, perhaps you too are in the country illegally or benefiting from others who are. If you are, beware la migra te esta buscando. Cuidado…

  6. i think that lou dobbs is the new hitler; looks like hitler reincarnated himself into lou dobbs body along with bill o’reilly and sean hannity.

  7. More Americans agree with Lou Dobbs than not, so if you don’t like him change the channel, this is America! By the way, you “latinos” or what ever you are (bruno, paola) need to learn to spell before you go crapping up the bloggs! Every smart American knows that latinos are genetically challenged but this web site proves it. And by the way for those of you who think that we(Americans) stole land from Mexico, go back to school. Mexico surrendered after America kicked their ass, then just to make certain, America paid 15 million US dollars for this piece of shit land that came with more Mexicans than anyone needs. Hell we all need slaves but this is too many. You people wish you were half as smart as Lou Dobbs. The only latinos I have seen that have good work ethics are the ones who work hard at stealing, drinking and raping. If they had such good values and ethics they would stand up and do something about their own screwed up countries instead of screwing up America.

  8. Lou Dobbs is a racist piece of crap. I hope he burns in hell along with all his communist minutemen! Those of you who agree with Mr. Dobbs need to go back to cleaning your guns, waving the stars-and-bars, and getting ready for the next KKK meeting.

  9. Lou Dobbs has not shown himself to be a racist. I am a liberal democrat with brown skin and I am the child of legal immigrants.

    Around the world in countries poorer than Mexico people are cueing up to come into America. They are legally and faithfully following the point system.

    Illegal immigration is just that illegal! The largest numbers of illegal immigrants in America come from Mexico, period!

    Illegal immigration costs taxpayers billions each year.

    To be against illegal immigration doesn’t make one racist or against Mexicans or Hispanics or any other group of people, except the illegals.

    This tactic of calling each media person who is against illegal immigration is guerilla propaganda and quite frankly b.s.

    Americans of every colour, religion, ethnicity, social demographic, and political party are FED UP with illegal immigration.

    Real enforcement will be coming or the Congress/Senate will be out on the ear in 2008.

  10. I didnt realize that was Lou Dobbs with the minute men. I thought it was day laborers! LOL.

    All Lou is missing is a shot gun. =P

  11. bea or fea? you stated “Every smart American knows that latinos are genetically challenged but this web site proves it.” Since you consider yourself genetically superior to others please educate us how you have come to this well educated conclusion the Red Neck University. Please take your inbreed a** back to your trailer, dad’s calling for you.

  12. Does nationality matter anymore to anyone other than ignorant peasants who need the morphine of nationalistic “pride” and religion to keep from realizing the sorry state of their existance and killing themselves? I was not born in the US, don’t have citizenship and never want to get it. I don’t respect this country or any other country either. I support globalization but think that politicians lack the balls to stand up and push for not just true economic integration read free trade globally in goods and services, but also for free movement of labor. It would be a dream come true to see the population of the US be comprised of a majority foreign “nationality” just like Dubai. I would love to travel from New York to Paris to Moscow to Tehran to Shanghai to Tokyo to Sydney as easily as I cross several streets in my town, never showing a single piece of id or other legal papers. Sadly the current crop of politicians is utterly incompetent and it would be foolish to expect them to move towards relinquishing their responsive states’ sovereignty, and establishing a truly global state. I sincerely hope that as I begin to venture out into the world on my own that our race (humanity) the only race their is in our species finishes this transition within my lifetime.

  13. Dear Mr Zdlax, I don’t know which country you hail from of where you currently have your legal residence. (maybe you are living illegally somewhere). Anyway, globalization as good as it could be is not possible (and you know it) because of the different cultures and religions. God knows it and some day He will send his Son back down to earth to put a stop to all this. Until then, nations have to make the best of it getting along and trying to help each other. I pray that more people relize that they need to be compasionate to one another and pray for the salvation of thier souls. If you are not in the Lord, I pray that you will find your way to Him some day.

  14. I bet you one million to one that the majority of terrorists are coming thru the canadian border than the Mexican borders. How is it the Lou dobbs does not speak about this. Is it because canadians are light skin??? We are concentrating our efforts more between Mexico and the usa. Please keep your eyes open and increase border patrols in canada. See where all this fanatics and only want to destroy us are coming thru. The real truth is that this racist (Lou Dobbs) is only concentrating his efforts in brown skin (latinos) but hell how come you don’t speak against Irish, and other countries. Why you only concentrate in Mexicans. Did a senorita broke your heart??
    Lou Dobbs should thank the latino race for all his high ratings. I bet you if he stops talking about illegals, his rating will drop so low because nobody will watch his show.
    without latinos, Lou will land in the garbage where he actually belongs. So thanks us for making your life miserable but also thanks us for puting your ratings all the way up. May you burn in hell! AND remember that there is a higher authority which you will face .
    By the way, I have not seen you lately. I thought you were having a facelift or the tint on your hair, burnt your scalp. LOU, at this point, I think that even the devil will not welcome you in hell.
    Oh, by the way I am american.

  15. First of all, I personally do not believe that control of our borders impinges on possible terrorist infiltration, true terrorists are sophisticated enough to get through the border regardless of what security measures are in place; just look at Israel. Therefore that argument is nothing more than fear mongering on the part of certain elements. With that being Zdlax, if you don’t like the United States please feel free to leave anytime, and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    Whether you like it or not, there has to be some control on the borders, let’s look at a hypothetical scenario. An illegal immigrant from the fictitious country of Zootopia gets a job in busy restaurant. Because he was never screened by anyone, what his employer does not realize is that his new hard working bus boy is infected with latent strain of the Ebola virus; even though he appears perfectly healthy the young man is actually a walking, talking, biological weapon. By the time our illegal immigrant starts to show symptoms, he has already infected a large number of the customers and staff at his place of employment, including the restaurant owner that was too cheap to pay a legal immigrant minimum wage.

    Now, before I go any further, I do not watch Mr. Dobbs so I really do have an opinion on him, but if he is indeed making specifically targeting Mexicans and Latinos, he is absolutely wrong in the same way that anyone insists on painting anyone group of people with same brush is, rather than looking at people as individuals.

    However I will have to agree with the person that stated that illegal immigrants strain our resources, but please don’t take my word for it, go talk with some of the teachers at your local school for example. Nonetheless, anyone that is in a position of public leadership, and that includes news broadcasters like Mr. Dobbs, should be held to a higher standard and should never be party to spreading bigotry.

  16. For years the relative non-success of Latin American countries puzzled me. After all, these counties are as rich in resources as any Western country you can name. Mexico and Venezuela have oil reserves up the gazoo. If all people are equal as the liberals tell us, what is the issue?
    I believe it all boils down to culture. Culture is the difference. I know this makes “proud” Hispamics angry but I believe it to be the case.
    If Mexico had been founded by England instead of Spain, it would be a first world country today. Of this I am sure.
    The Hispanic culture does not respect the rule of law as much as Western culture does. This lack of respect makes all the difference. Of course, if you live in a country where you see everyone else ignoring the law to get ahead and make more money, it is not long before you begin to do the same. The problem is that corruption is waste- pure and simple- because corruption does not add to the value of what is being created. When you have widespread corruption, you have widespread waste and before long it all affects the standard of living for all except the few at the top. For ple, suppose you are building a building in Mexico. It costs too much to follow the building code so you “grease the palms” of the local building inspector to “overlook” your transgressions. You save money, but now you have an inferior building that will not last as long as a well built building.In a worst case scenario, the first earhquake that comes along knocks it down and kills 100 people. Look at the waste. Now you have to rebuild the building at added expense and look at the loss of life- more waste.
    Besides the corruption you have the fatalistic influence of the Catholic church. The Church teaches us that we should not be so concerned with storing up riches in this life as the next life is the one to worry about. “Give your money to the Church” is the bottom line. It is no accident that there are so many orders in the Church who are encouraged to swear an oath of poverty. The fatalistic mindset also makes the Latin peasants far more content with their lot in life. After all, the next life is the one to worry about. This is a big reason why the Latinos do not revolt. They simply put up with their governments.
    I have read many posts that imply that Hispanics have a wonderful work ethic while also implying that Anglos do not. Actually it is the so-called “Protestant Work Ethic” that made the USA the country to which you want to emmigrate. Hispanics work hard- true- but it’s msotly because they HAVE to work hard. Once they become legal, they are just as happy to receive welfare as any other group.
    I will say one thing about Hispanics. I have never seen one beg. They always have something to sell. On the other hand, many have no compunctions against stealing. I find it intersting: Too proud to beg, but not too proud to steal. For the record, no, I do not think most Hispanics steal- but certainly more steal than beg.
    Although you will never admit it, you come for the American culture in a roundabout way. That is quite a compliment but it is one that we will never hear expressed verbally. You will vote with your feet and action speaks louder than words.
    We just have to make sure that we keep this place the country immigrants want to come to and we can do that by keeping the corruption to a minimum. This is quite a challenge when you think of it, because we have too much corruption as it is. You may not be able to bribe a cop in LA but there’s corruption aplenty at the top levels including the halls of Congress. The fact that almost 80% of legal Americans want the borders controlled and yet, it is not points up the part that special interests play in American corruption at the highest levels.

  17. Funny thing is that Lou is married to a Mexican-American. Talk about an enigma. This is crazier than the head of the Minute Men buying a retirement home in Mexico. Honestly, people like Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck create an atmosphere of immigrant hysteria. Half the shit that Lou Dobbs states as fact on his show is wrong. Sure, illegal immigration is a problem but this is something America created all on its own. BTW the Southwest was STOLEN from Mexico. It was a blatant attack on a weaker nation for the sole purpose of obtaining land. That my friend is a fact. Go back and read your history. You’ll find transcripts from US Senators from that time feeling shameful of being Americans for their country used a flimsy excuse to go to war, for the sole purpose to get their land. Stupid Manifest Destiny.

  18. “Stupid Maifest Destiny?”
    If it weren’t for Manifest Destint where would you go when your own government fails you? Swim to Europe? No, actually you LOVE Manifest Destiny.
    As far as the Southwest being “stolen”, it was a very different and brutal world in 1850 as opposed to today and whites hardly had a handle on “stealing” land. In fact, Right of Conquest was the name of the game up until very recently in human history- practiced even by your impeccably “perfect” so-called Native Americans.
    I am sure you are aware that Native Americans enslaved eachother and “stole” eachother’s hunting grounds as well. Many of the Aztec’s human sacrifices made to their gods were prisoners of war. They just did not have the technology to do it in a big way. Like most Hispanics, you mistake lack of ability for purity of intentions.

  19. Immigration is such a non-issue to me, because personally I don’t consider myself the citizen of any nation, and it still amazes me that people in the 21st century hold on to national identity so fervently. I think the US is a location for the production of goods and the procurement of services first and foremost, just like any other country. So when I see now the tide of governments buying up each other’s land/assets, it just warms me to think that the nation-state is finally dissolving. Hopefully religion will follow suit.

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